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Content Management Systems

At Burclea, we absolutely love WordPress and especially WooCommerce for our eCommerce storefront clients. With over 10 years developing for WordPress, we are highly proficient at meeting our clients needs and delivering cost effective and beautiful websites.

We have 100's of prebuilt layouts within our libraries to offer all businesses from every sector something affordable and easy to use. Gone are the days of spending 10's of thousands on websites, and having to pay for updates and content changes on top of that.

For clients who just want something simple to use, and looks beautiful at the same time, we will give you access to all our templates, and module libraries which purchased on their own through 3rd party websites would cost an absolute fortune for standalone projects. At Burclea, we have taken that cost away from you forever, so you get all the latest plugins which are essential for running a secure, feature rich and blazingly fast website.

If you already have a WordPress website, then migrating to us to completely free and we will handle everything for you. Once your website is on our server, you can rest assured knowing that your website will be safe and up to date.

Our developers are keen plugin developers too, so any functionality you're looking to incorporate into your website, we are certain we can develop anything that would fits your needs. If something has already been built by another company, we will consult with you first and give you all your options to make sure you get the most cost effective solution that does exactly what you need.

eCommerce Websites


WooCommere is a plugin that's installed within WordPress; and out the box is free to use, and you can be up and running within minutes. One of the biggest "selling" points of WooCommerce is the amount of extendable plugins available for purchase to enhance certain aspects of the entire system. Most of these plugins are annual fee based, so it's always a good idea to plan very carefully around what you want your store to do, and where you plan on to go with your website; but don't worry we take of all that for you, and will always choose the most cost effective route for your long term goals.

As mentioned, WooCommerce is highly scalable and will handle just about any amount of products and associated categories you need. Having a WooCommerce store is easy to use for both clients and developers, so the breadth of customisation is endless, giving you full control of every aspect in the online eCommerce processes. The only limitation to WooCommerce is how resource hungry it can be, but so long as your hosting company provides good solid fast hosting, you can't go wrong. All of our servers from budget to dedicated are optimised specifically for WooCommerce and Magento, so you won't have to worry about that.


Magento is what the industry considers the crème de la crème of eCommerce solutions, but it comes at a price.  Using Magento has many advantages and is usually considered for larger sites, and there is a free Community Edition, but you will still be need to pay for most plugins to extend its' functionality.

  • Although the Community Edition is free to use, the setup costs and development can range from £5,500 - £15,000 for Magento V1.
  • The cost for a Magento V2 storefront can range anywhere from £7,000 - £20,000 and if you already have a Magento V1 storefront, you can't just upgrade from V1 to V2 as they are built on two entirely different Zend frameworks.

There are 2 versions of the Magento software, with most current Magento storefronts still using Magento 1, with others either upgrading to Magento 2, or outright rebuilding within Magento 2. The latest version of Magento 2 has significant performance differences over it's little brother Magento 1, most of which are reduced checkout times, increased hourly transaction rates and overall simultaneous website traffic handling.

Burclea offer both Magento V1 and V2 Community Editions as standard for our clients who require Magento as a storefront solution, along with full design and development as per the clients specifications.


Burclea over the years have built hundreds of Microsites. These are traditionally websites with very short life-times and are merely built to showcase a potential job role within a company, or set of services that will be offered for a limited time only. If your corporation constantly requires job placement adverts to be run, then a Microsite is usually considered a complimentary piece in the global scheme of a marketing campaign.

At Burclea we have a complete turn around time of 3 hours from start to first Draft for all our Microsites, with unlimited revisions thereafter to make sure you as the client are 100% satisfied with the final product.

What we take care of pretty much everything, all you have to do is provide the content and leave it to us:

  • Domain setup on a non-descriptive domain
  • Choice of over 100 AAA w3 compliant templates from our very own built library
  • Email setup or forwarders for applications
  • Safe & Secure downloads dashboard for all applicants
  • Full Migration or DNS configuring for go-live domain

Online Catalogues

If you're needing a simple catalogue style website or storefront to showcase a few or even many products, then a catalogue website will be perfect for you. Without the need to fill inner content pages with boring stuff noone will read anyway, a catalogue website gets to the point, front and center. Many of our clients are small business owners who want something small the outline their services/products in a single page format that potential customers can gather all the information they require, and then make contact with the business to provide the services needed. An online catalogue is very similar to a Microsite, but tends to be slightly more expensive due to all the configuring and setting up of payment gateways etc for products to be bought from the site, or to book in time slots on specific days for the business owner to go out and quote etc.

Portal Systems

Web Portals are specially designed websites that bring multiple information streams into a single uniform system. Convetionally, each information source has it's own dedicated "space" or "area" on a page to display information (a portlet).

A Web Portal is good at segregating information for different users according to their privilege levels and allowing for connections to larger API's. Companies that require certain restrictions on content, or want specific content to be shown within intranet dashboards of their staff can easily be administered through a Web Portal.


Progressive Web Apps are a mixed bag of web and mobile app technologies combined into one solution. PWA's take conventional mobile app experiences, and bring them to the web, allowing for mobile devices to interact with the web as if they were a seperate application. Think of it as a website built with web technologies but acts and feels like a mobile app. With how advanced web browsers have become, they now have so much power built in to handle so much more in the way of simultaneous connections and resource loads. 

The main attraction to PWA's is their ease of development and deployment. Unlike conventional apps who have multiple steps and procedures in place to deploy changes or updates in a respective app store, a PWA can be updated and changed just like a traditional website.


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