How we got started

We're a small, yet powerful team of independant developers, designers and backend engineers who at one point or another worked together. It was due to the spectacularly disastrous emergence of COVID-19, that more of it's current members banded together to now form the Burclea Team.

If you're looking for not only cost effective online solutions, but also want to deal with easy going, level headed and like minded individuals, then it's safe to say you have stumbled upon the right people. Our customers aren't just numbers, they're friends and long term business partners, each working as a single cog in a gigantic machine, that is the internet. We are a fairly new company, and although we wish we could showcase all the projects we have worked on over the years, we aren't allowed to, so we are now undergoing the slow task of building up our portfolio so clients like yourself can have a clear idea of just how well we work and put things together.

We do have a few projects which you can see within our our Projects page, which is just the tip of the ice-berg of what we can do and offer. This is why we are promoting ourselves as cost effective solutions for small-medium sized businesses, as we have very little overhead costs and simple lifestyles. Low cost doesn't mean low quality, we just don't want to be that type of business who takes advantage of people who don't know anything about internet marketing, hosting or web development.


From custom Wordpress Themes and Plugins, right down to prebuilt cost effective solutions or custom Angular frameworks, we are absolutely certain we can cater to your every request.


With Core Datacenters based in the UK, spread over 3 locations with multiple redunancies in place, with further CDN's located across the globe to deliver crucial assets to users within locality at reduced package load.


Every website we build is optimized, and ready for the open web and all the search engines. From indexing you site, to sizing your images and reducing First Time to Byte response rates, and setting up any accounts needed to accomodate greater exposure of your brand.


From first time Logo creation, to flyers, business cards, social media, video editing, animations and everything in-between; we are sure you will be covered from start to finish.


  • WordPress
  • Hosting
  • Design


planning & strategy

Producing comprehensive strategies through vigilant planning

design & develop

Step by step development to ensure you're able to see your project grow in real time

test & deliver

Comprehensive testing pre-launch for 100% satisfaction