Why they're so darn good

At Burclea, we have a zero compromise when it comes to the servers we use, where they're located and their redundancies in place for maximum uptime. If you're prepared to spend the extra £2-£3pm, than shelling out on just a standard shared server crammed with 100's of other websites and clients that most companies offer, then you will very quickly see the differences.
We don't believe in maximizing profits over client performance and satisfaction, which is why we have very strict policies in place to cap our shared servers at 20 websites per box, which gives all users and their websites fantastic performance with extra wiggle room for the occasional resource hog.
Burclea aren't in the market for hosting profits, we're there for building beautiful websites, managing complex application portals and being there when our clients need us the most.
We have tried and tested literally hundreds of hosting providers over the years, and after narrowing them all down, we found THE ONE.

Uptime. All the time.

In fact, 99.995% of the time, guaranteed. It's all thanks to our G10 HPE servers and multi-core Intel Xeon processors. Fast, powerful and good to know.

  • Supporting deployments of up to 80kW per rack
  • Built to enable HPC deployment to virtually any size
  • Immersive cooling
  • Facilities built to an uptime Tier III+ standard
  • Utilising air-flooded-room principle
  • 100% Renewable (Tidal, Wind & Solar Power)

We're Serious About Security

Security is a core requirement for any server, and we don't have any exceptions when it comes to your server, your websites, files or applications.

  • 2FA server access
  • All ports are blocked except for 21 (FTP), 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS)
  • IP whitelisting for all server admins
  • One-Click SSL HTTPS installation
  • Automatic updates and security patches
  • Daily Incremental Backups
  • WAFS (Web Application Firewall)

Whipping up a STORM

STORM is a unique hosting platform for both Agencies and Developers alike. It's a clear, simple and uncluttered platform that gives even the most novice users a powerful and secure way to perform even the most complex tasks with absolute ease. Gone are the days of juggling space, figuring out which website or application is being a resource hog, or what client is being attacked from the outside world.

All Burclea clients websites or applications are managed through the STORM interface, allowing us as an agency to make sure your server is secure, updated and monitored 24/7. With built in tracking and in-house notation abilities, we are able to escalate any potentional threats to the right team to tackle the problems without you ever having to worry. If you can imagine what it would be like to manage 32 servers with nearly 620 websites on them 10 years ago, you can clearly see how quickly things can become a mess and take up immense time sifting through and keeping track of who is doing what and where something may be causing an issue.

With STORM at our disposal, we don't have these problems and are able to oversee hundreds of clients and websites all at once in real-time.


planning & strategy

Producing comprehensive strategies through vigilant planning

design & develop

Step by step development to ensure you're able to see your project grow in real time

test & deliver

Comprehensive testing pre-launch for 100% satisfaction