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OK You've gotten me this far...

So what exactly are we trying to sell you, and how does it benefit you in any way? Well the answer is simple really, we're offering to build a website at well below market asking price. As a fairly new "agency" on the market, what better way to spread the word than to have as many people as possible start probing our intentions and wondering how we are able to do what we're offering. And once again, the answer is simple, we developed a fully fledged, blazingly fast, 100% automated website builder for Wordpress. It's literally "click and install", sort of like plug and play, but for developers.

A tremendous amount of work goes into fine tuning a website, like populating your content, resizing images, SEO and other optimizations, handling payment gateways, setting up Paypal and/or Stripe Credit Card payment systems etc.

It's this work that most other agencies charge an arm and a leg for, basically per hour and in London, those rates can be up to £200ph. We aren't building websites on an hourly rate, but rather a set project fee, and charge further development work at an hourly rate.

OK... So what do I get for £650 of my hard earned money?

You Get

  • The Choice of over 70 prebuilt templates we created
  • Free Domain (built into the price, who're we kidding)
  • Access to our Premium Plugin Suite (this is actually free and valued at £250pm)
  • Free Hosting for 1 Year (valued at £180)
  • Complete SEO and Optimization
  • Logo Creation (our designers are pretty decent)
  • Animated Promotion Video For Social Media
  • Full Content Population
  • Unlimted Revisions till you're 100% satisfied
  • Free SSL (literally free, we get them for free)
  • 24/7 Support (because we are just that awesome)
  • 24hr Uptime Monitoring
  • A slight decrease in your bank balance because you bought one of our sites

Burclea Demo Importer

Over 70 Amazingly Pretty Prebuilt Websites To Choose From

OK Great, so can I see what a £650 website looks like?

Below are three example sites of the scope of website that we will build, they aren't "set in stone" designs for your site, but to show you just how in-depth we go and that we aren't just offering rubbish 1 page websites you can build yourself on something like Shopify or Squarespace. The beauty of our sites is the ease of use, and the scalability to allow your website to grow with your business. There's also endless customizations that can be performed at any time to have your website do what you want it to.

What exactly is a video animation, and will I get something similar?

Yep, well you could get even better, all depends on what your brand is about.

Just a taste of what you get out the box...

Every build comes standard with some of the industries most premium plugins to turn your website into a powerhouse. The best part, you don't have to signup for your own monthly membership to get access to these gems, as we provide them to you completely free to use for as long as your website is on our servers

Humingbird Pro


Everything you need to get your site running super fast.

Defender Pro


Everything you need to keep your website safe and secure

Smart Crawler Pro


Everything you need to get your website indexed and SEO friendly

Smush Pro


Compress all your images on the fly with lossy compression to keep your website fast

Hustle Pro


Create POP-UPS, email lists and promotion boxes to really sell

Snapshot Pro


Create one click install backups for your website and never worry about a hacked website ever again

Why are you offering such complex websites at such a low price?

Burclea are a small team, we're still finding our feet in this scary world we call agency life, and unlike other agencies, we have very low overheads. We work hard and we think smart; this allows us to put all the right aspects of an angency into a small and powerful package. As mentioned before in our "About" page, we're not in the market for ripping clients off, but rather build relationships and do great work at even greater prices. This allows our clients to recommed us to their friends or business associates.

We will never be a full digital agency with huge premises, and 100's of staff, to be frank, that doesn't interest us at all. Our team is just the right size to do the work, and once again, we think smart, so we have all the systems in place to oversee absolutely massive workloads while meeting project deadlines.

OK.. I'm sold, what do I do now?

Click the "Order Your Website Today" box below, enter your details on the contact form, and we will call you back to find out what you're after, what you need done and we will tell you what we need from yourself. A deposit will need to be paid to guarantee your built slot reservation, and once we have all the content from yourself, you will be given a date for when your website will be built on one of our staging servers.

In between providing details of what your business about, we will start doing concept work with your colours, branding etc to start the groundwork for your website build. Don't worry, if you don't have much, we will try our best to come up with content for your industry and products.

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